We need each other. That seems like an obvious statement, but all too often (even in the church) we don't take the time to connect to one another and invest in each other's lives on a more personal level. We also need God's Word - the Bible. We not only need to hear it preached, but also to engage it more personally along with others to help us discover how it can transform our lives. Lastly, we need to have an impact! We need to use the gifts, abilities, and passions God gives us to serve one another and connect more people in our community to a loving Savior, Jesus Christ. We see these ideals lived out in the very first church (Acts 2:41-47) and we desire to see them lived out at First Baptist Lebanon, as well. Our small group options are below for more information.

Sunday School

We have classes for all ages - from birth to senior adults - every Sunday at 9:15 AM. Adults utilize Explore the Bible curriculum that walks through all 66 books of the Bible.  Visit the Kids page and Student page to learn more about their classes.  

The best place to start your day at First Baptist is at our Welcome Center. The Welcome Center is located in the heart of our campus inside the Sanctuary Building (the building with the Steeple) and is easily accessible from the parking lots. A door greeter will escort you to the Welcome Center where you will be provided with any information or assistance you may need to find your class.

Co-Ed Classes

Rooted Class  (age: 18 - 30's): CLC Second Floor, Room 802. Contact Aimee Harmon.

The Orchard Class (age: 20's - 60's) Fellowship Hall in Children's Building. Contact Rob Spruill.

Couples I (age: 40's - 60's): Co-ed Median Adults on Sunday 8:45 AM. Contact Keith Pulley.

Truth Seekers (age: 50's - 70's) Christian Life Center, Room 800. Contact Eddie Pawlawski.

Koinonia (age 50's up): Main Building, Room 104 (*Temporarily not meeting).


New Men's Class (age: 50's up): Christian Life Center, Room 804. Contact Don Chambers.

Hardaway/Jenkins/Volunteers (age: 60's +): Main Building, Room 106


Mary/Martha (age: 30's - 60's) Main Building, Room 102 (Chapel). Contact Ann Frost.

Esther (age 70's): Main Building, Room 103. Contact Pam Moore.

Seeker (age 60's+): Christian Life Center, Room 702 (Craft Room).

Life-on-Life Groups

Jesus ministered to the crowds but spent the bulk of His time investing deeply and personally in a few who would then be enabled to turn around and do the same in the lives of others (Matthew 28:19-20). We call this life-on, missional discipleship. Each fall we begin new groups composed of 3-6 single gendered members who commit to one academic year together. For more information visit our Life-on-Life page. Currently we are seeking to form various groups (in person, online, etc.) for our HEAR the Word Together in 2021 challenge. Learn more here.