Bucket List

We are on a mission to personally deliver a "welcome bucket" to every new mover to our city in the next year. In order to meet our goal we need to hand out approximately 20 buckets per week.

Here's how you can help:

Sign out a Bucket for Delivery on Sunday Morning

Buckets and a list of new neighbors will be available in the Welcome Center on Sunday mornings. Anyone who would like to make a visit can stop by and "sign out" a bucket for delivery. All we ask is that the visit be made within one week and that a report be sent back to the church within 24 hours of the delivery using the form available HERE

or in the Welcome Center.

Form Your Own Team

This is a great way to go on mission together as a family, with your friends, or as a Sunday School class. Why not set a goal for your group and challenge others to do the same? Let us know and we will be sure to keep your group supplied.

Pack and Pray

Prayer and packing teams are also being formed. Come to the Welcome Center for more information.

Thank you for making our Vision a Reality.

Link to Bucket List

Click for a downloadable link and submit your Bucket List Report. 

How to Deliver A Bucket

Click for instructions on delivering your bucket